Digital signage and multi-screen solutions

Professional displays in various areas of application are a growing market. The entire digital signage market has already reached the €1 billion mark in the regions comprising Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (Source: The fact that digital signage solutions are considered from a conceptual standpoint is interesting for the trade. Services such as consulting, solution development, content creation, content management and maintenance are values that are critical to success. This market therefore offers IT resellers a realistic way of earning their living with expertise and qualitative services.


Digital signage at the point of sale

Make it easier for customers to make a purchase decision

Relevant product information and time-controlled promotional offers mean that the shopping experience is made more intense for customers and that sales figures increase...

Digitale Informations- & Wegleitsysteme

Digital information and guidance systems

Make it easier for guests and customers to find their way around

Conference centres, hotels, schools and companies all make it easier for their visitors and guests to find their way around with digital guidance systems. Passengers are provided with time zone-relevant passenger or flight information at airports, train stations and bus stations...

Videowände & Display-Collagen

Video walls and display collages

Set the perfect scene for brands and products

If an impressive stage needs to be set for products, large video walls and imaginative display collages are the perfect solution, because they attract the audience’s undivided attention...

Entertainment and sales promotion

When time spent waiting becomes a welcome break

Entertainment and advertising make waiting times substantially shorter in our conscious awareness – whether we’re waiting in a restaurant, at the dentist or at a ski lift. Guests, patients or customers consider the time they spend waiting – which was previously a nuisance – as an entertaining break...

Multi-display solutions in the workplace

Everything at a glance

More and more companies are using several monitors in parallel to create a productive work environment for their employees. The impact in terms of both ergonomics and efficiency is convincing...

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Digital Signage moves our lives

Effective marketing tool: Digital signage at the POS (point of sale)

Two top arguments that will win your customers over:

The multi-dimensional shopping experience

Digital signage displays provide valuable additional information – such as application videos – or draw attention to attractive promotional offers, and the customer clearly perceives this as added value. They help the customer to make their purchase decision.

Through online shopping, consumers are used to finding a wealth of information about each and every product nowadays. Often, filtering the relevant aspects from the huge pool of information can be a real challenge. In the shop, digital signage selectively combines the most important information with haptic perception, scent or personal contact. This makes the shopping experience more intense for the consumer.

If the customer has to wait in the queue at the check-out for a little while, they will feel that this time passes far more quickly if they are entertained with successful adverts.

axxiv Display Solutions


One display – many advertising screens

The analogue variants of display solutions at the point of sale are cardboard stands, posters, danglers and the like. It is only natural that the space for such advertising is limited in any shop. How often are these conventional advertising materials replaced by new campaigns? Digital marketing media have an astonishing advantage in this regard, because they make use of a space, and the content displayed can be planned freely to suit the time in question. Countless short-term advertising screens are available as a result of this. Both the costs for printed advertising materials and waste are eliminated. The shop owner can sell the advertising screens to their producers or suppliers.



Make sure your customers’ experience with digital advertising at the point of sale is a good one with the digital signage kit.

Digital Signage Kit

Five good reasons to work with Littlebit Technology

Loyal to the trade channel

In most cases, several companies are involved in digital signage projects. The industry thrives on cooperative relationships. Projects can only be implemented successfully if this cooperation is fair and partnership-like. The role we play is that of the value-added distributor. We provide our services to IT dealers.

Services in the form of modules

If you’re experiencing resource shortages during a critical stage of your project, or if you lack expertise in a specific area, then it’s worthwhile talking to us. Even if you’re having difficulties procuring hardware or if you need help with conceptual design, get the services from us. That way, you can appear confident as a general contractor in front of your customers.



Link to manufacturers and developers

As a distributor, we represent renowned hardware and software manufacturers and can provide proof to this effect by means of their certificates. We maintain close cooperative relationships and foster professional exchange with these companies, which is ultimately incorporated in our consulting and service offerings.

Expertise and experience

We have been active on the digital signage market for many years and employ many specialists within the company. Our expertise grows with every new project. Benefit from the experience of our consultants, engineers, technicians and marketing specialists.

Direct contacts

Our experts will be more than happy to advise you. Contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

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